Schenectady Day Nursery- Denim Days For Charity

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The charity of the month in April 2022 was Schenectady Day Nursery.  Our staff raised funds to support this important cause throughout the month.  Thank you to Heather L. for choosing this charity!

Heather chose the Schenectady Day Nursery after learning that the facility was flooded and in need of donations to reopen. According to their website:

‘After four painfully long months being closed in 2020 due to Covid-19, the nursery was able to reopen in July. However, in October our building flooded with damage to all three floors. The cost of the repair was over $200,000 and caused an additional closure of the nursery. A grant awarded in the amount of $70,000 from the Schenectady Foundation has given us the opportunity to continue to serve the children, families and community we have since 1902. We are grateful for their continued investment in our future here at the nursery.’

For more about the nursery and how you can help, please visit their website at: